Revelation 19

God’s Antidote for Indecision

Antidote For Busyness

If you’re burning the candle at both ends you’re only half as bright! Listen as Pastor Jim Owen’s presents the remedy for busy people:

  • R-   Realize my worth
  • E-   Enjoy what I already have
  • L-   Limit my labor
  • A-   Adjust my value
  • X-   Exchange my pressure for Gods peace

Prescription For Failure

The Living Faith in the Living God

The Difference Jesus Makes

Luke 2

Many respond to the message of God’s light by shutting the blinds, taping them down, and drawing the curtains. Countless numbers intentionally miss the meaning of Christmas, but we open our hearts to receive the radiant Light of the World— Jesus Christ.


John 1:14 – Christ In Christmas

God’s Antidote for Dark Valleys

Psalm 23: A Future Without Fear