01-13-13 Acts 6 Lessons From a Layman

God’s witnesses don’t need special ability.  Jesus is looking for availability and a willingness to follow.  The story of Phillip teaches lessons to fuel your “want to” and bring effectiveness to your life.  This is the Bible’s Key to reaching and changing the  world near to you.

The Most Important Success Attitude

Joshua 1:8 gives God’s key to success, to unlock the door 0f blessings. Set your heart on the Word of God, and let it work in and transform your life. The attitude you hold towards the Bible, will dramatically chart the course of your life.

Gideon – What A Zero Can Do With God

Gideon was the smallest person, from the smallest family, in the smallest tribe of Israel. God moves and operates in our life to capture our thoughts and imaginations and bring them into subjection to His will. No one can measure what (You x God)=’s!

A God Reliant Heart

Do you have a God reliant heart or a self reliant heart? Even though David failed and faltered, he had a heart that always found God as his source. Learn how you too can have this heart.

Getting Ready For The Fight

An assault against your life is inevitable if you’re in the will of God. Satan will trick you into apathy, divert your frustration towards flesh and blood, and lie until you surrender. Sharpen the word of TRUTH God’s given you, and remind enemy principalities that Christ has already won the battle!

Guard Your Heart

The Treasure Principle

God’s Word To Workaholics

Protect Your Home